Markus Kanerva

Writer & Website Publisher

About Me

I am a versatile writer, content creator and translator based in Helsinki, Finland, with a deep passion for crafting compelling narratives and managing content-driven websites.

I craft engaging narratives and manage dynamic content ecosystems

With a solid background in writing, translation, and web content management, I have honed my skills to align with evolving digital landscapes and audience preferences. My versatility stretches across creating captivating articles for the iGaming industry, translating complex texts with linguistic precision, and steering content strategies for online platforms. My work with diverse clients and projects, from freelance writing to managing websites, showcases my ability to adapt content for varied audiences and platforms effectively.

I’ve engaged in content creation that resonates with readers, translation work that maintains the essence of original texts, and web management practices that enhance user engagement and website performance. Whether it’s developing content strategies, crafting detailed articles or translating between English and Finnish, my approach is always tailored to meet specific project needs while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. With a commitment to quality and a passion for storytelling, I aim to bridge cultural gaps and create meaningful experiences for audiences worldwide.

What I Do

I take pride in my versatility and capacity for rapid learning, qualities that are deeply ingrained in my professional ethos. My innate curiosity drives me to constantly seek out new challenges and opportunities to broaden my skillset. This adaptability has been a cornerstone of my career, enabling me to thrive in diverse roles.


If you’re seeking a content strategist who will oversee the ideation, keyword research, planning and implementation of your content, I am an experienced professional ready to assist you in this endeavor.


Effective writing grabs attention and delivers a clear, compelling message. I ensure every text is polished and impactful, blending creativity with clarity to resonate deeply with readers.


If your goal is to maintain a dynamic, user-friendly website that consistently attracts and retains visitors, I offer expertise in overseeing website operations, ensuring content freshness, technical performance, and alignment with the latest web standards and trends.


Content Planning & Writing

SEO Optimization

Content Management Systems


My Experience



Website Manager & Publisher

At PikakasinotSuomi, I’ve been tasked with managing and publishing content, collaborating closely with a creative team to ensure the website’s offerings are both engaging and informative, as well as optimally syndicated across our social channels.


Various iGaming Entities

Content Writer

I have been engaged in creating compelling content for a diverse range of iGaming platforms. My dedication to crafting engaging narratives and providing valuable insights has garnered high praise from clients.



Freelance Translator

During this period, I translated a wide array of documents and materials from English to Finnish and vice versa, ensuring accuracy, and cultural relevance. My work supported clients across various industries.